The process for sample roasting at Courier involves a garage full of spiders, a partially full container of propane with half working barbeque, and our custom steel drum welded by Sherman Dodd formerly owner of Coffee/PER (maker of the SanFranciscan Roaster).

There is a brick we set on one side of the drum, and the sawed off L-brackets that hold the spit need constant readjustment. With drum angled slightly the end of the rotating shaft rests against a scythe blade, jammed between L-bracket and barbeque.

It used to be there was a temperature coil magnetized to the side of the drum, but that must have gotten lost. Now to make sure of temperature we hold a hand over the drum, and to check how we are doing we examine seed color.

This morning we roasted a pound for Daisuke from a farm he worked on in HueHue, which got put on a plane with Sakichan for Tokyo. It has taken a lot of coffee and a lot of time to roast consistently, and even with advanced equipment it takes time. Our roasts that we sell come out of 40th and Hawthorne on our 25 pound San Franciscan. Roasting daily.

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