We met at Tugboat brewing, gathering the roastery and bar staff together to chat about the future of Courier. The most significant discussion revolved around getting business cards printed, stamps made, and in general advertising/ better representation and labeling. Looking forward, the next step is to sell wholebean coffee directly from the roastery. December will be a busy month, but now we have a project list taped to the side of the fridge downtown!

We would like to start serving coffee on sundays, figuring out the time to open is the thing now. Ideally this will start December. Eggy Records will be showcasing their discography December at Courier downtown, we will have an opening reception First Thursday where the Woolen Men will play starting after 9pm. Prior to the band we will be playing music from the Eggy Records Label from cassette tape. These tapes will be available for sale during the month of December.

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