First Thursday at Courier was totally awesome. Tragically, our whale bottle opener was taken, and we want it back (above). The whale is very much loved and used at our bar. Whoever reported it stolen on line, please return.

We are now open Sundays 9-4.

New coffee on bar from the Dukorere Ikawa Cooperative located in Bujumbura, Burundi. On the map Burundi is next to Tanzania, maybe more people familiar with. Seed type is Bourbon and Jackson Bourbon varietals. This coffee arrived November at the port of Oakland, and we purchased a very limited amount of three bags (135 pounds each). There is a super lovely quality to the acidity. It cups very clean with a light chocolate mouthfeel, strong undertones of tangerine, and faint hints of perhaps clove (says Ceri, although the verdict is still out).

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