The secret excitement is the opening of Kenilworth Coffee (that and secret menu item that recently appeared on our menu- housemade ginger ale, from fresh local ginger). Kenilworth soft opens pretty much now at 37th and Gladstone. We are thrilled, and this will certainly be a draw for the Woodstock and further south neighborhoods. Officially not open, but definitely a place to get coffee (new years day!). Hours 7am-3pm daily

Our bar open New Years Day, starting at noon (or earlier). The staff has the day off, but we wanted to provide a spot for the working people to get coffee on this Holiday. We will be open for a good while, and then we will close.

We go into the next year with a single speed cargo bike. Our Phil Wood freehub is dead (teeth and pawls). Research points to White Industries as being better to trust our lives on, since each pawl is individually sprung. Both Phil and King use one spring for all engagement. We just find three better than one. Sure we never serviced our hub, but we disagree on the point. The teeth in the ratchet are worn where pawls touch. 3.5 years is a long time for a hub, but we want things longer. We send the Phil back to be refurbished, and later we will order a White. For the moment we rock a SS Phil Kiss Off rear hub on a 16 tooth White Freewheel (fun), with no brake. Front hub has Shimano Saint Hydraulics (c/o West End Bikes), which will keep us from death.

ok- so we expect you all for coffee in the morning. be safe.

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