The Phil Wood freehub (rear tire hub) is back for our cargo bike. In 3.5 years we stripped the teeth from the ratchet so that it no longer engaged. Sending it back to Phil Wood, they replaced engagement ring, pawls and things. Thankfully this could be done while leaving the spokes and rim attached. We now have 20 points of engagement again, or pawls engage ratchet every ten degrees. The hub is very quiet, which freaks us out because we like to hear those pawls engaging strongly. This is probably more due to the grease than the hub, we assume they used Tenacious oil, but will give it a try.

At Roastery we have organized out parts (while turning the place upside down to look for a switch. For the few in Portland who could actually benefit from knowing how many Wand Ball Teflon O-rings we have on hand, or if we have any 2004 style Wand Spools for a Synesso we are thinking about posting our parts inventory online. There are a few who work on their own machines, and this could be rad for them. Aside from parts we have removed a few shelves in our above ground space to below, freeing up floor area. The roastery feels much better now, but we still have some boxes to deal with.

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