since we are mechanics, we maintain.

The bench knife, or pastry scraper, is dull with a purpose (our favorite is entirely SS and made in Japan, no plastic or wood for us). We have one SS knife that is shiny and probably has a little carbon, this is also not-so-sharp, but dainty and beautiful and we use to check the muffins with (stabbing them to see if batter clings). Then there is the antler handled honing steel, for aligning the electrons in our sharp knives (grandma may be dead, but geez her knives were razors when she moved on- serious, and very memorable). A large carbon high carbon blade Alex found on the street, this is one of our best. A small carbon blade for the customers who want to share their pastry. The Japanese Takeda Sakichan gave me does not stay on bar but travels with me at all times. Made of Aogami super steel from Hitachi, carbon sandwiches stainless, in a super thin eastern edge. This knife is very sharp, yet also brittle and delicate. With such a knife only the force necessary for the cut is made. Certain appreciation for well kept edges we picked up via Evan and Ali courtesy of their friends- the Hot Knives. “sharp knives save lives.”

While making our way to the pizza shop today, we fell in with a gang of street kids. One interesting thing was their belt knives, very large, as if for deer hunting. Deer hunting in the SW hills? the knife that Rambo carried, that size. We think about this when making pastry.

At the roastery we have a Benchmade Tanto mini-Griptilian, used for label adhesive cutting every day (this is a knife).

all of the knives that want, get sharpened. Two stones float back and forth between roastery and bar, our Naniwa 5000 superstone (japan), and combination 500/1000 stone. some of our friends even bring their knives in for us to sharpen.

we hope this thoughtfulness extends into all things (wu-tang, the last samuri, code of the samuri reference, and by extension Liquid Swords).

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