espresso on bar at Courier and Kenilworth- Ileja, Mbeya, Tanzania “hope” project N5 and N39 varietals, January arrival Oakland. After a perhaps too long stretch of Gakenki, Rwanda espresso that held a gritty finish, the Ileja comes as a sleeper. It took the staff more than a second to realize the Ileja kills it as an espresso. Order a little buddy and see how this opens up with a little more water, then wait for it to cool and the true depth of this coffee will show. Super lovely, and we have not bought much of it, so expect it not to be on bar long.

On the home front WTF bikes is hooking us up with a Sturmey Archer 2 speed kickback hub for a 1991 Shimano beach cruiser, kind of an awesome bike and kind of not. It was perhaps all the wrecks on this bike that led us to the safe business we are now- that and our monthly OSHA meetings (hahaha).

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