Courier Coffee Trinidad

Sizzle Pie/ Veloforma- the bike racing team we sponsor- is killing it. They just did some grass track racing in Trinidad, which means our logo and branding is probably doing its work and Courier is huge on the island. Check out the story here.

Brent of formerly Veloshop, now Portland Bike Studio, races with team Sizzle Pie/ Veloforma, hence our connection. We still have fond memories of having a bike shop on the block. The bookstore that has moved in is awesome though (Division Leap is truly a wonderful store), and we get to keep ties with the Veloshop crew.

This week Alex of Courier is on a West coast Tour with one of his bands The Woolen Men. They have just released their second album on Vinyle (both albums on bar at Courier). im going to link to bandcamp because i cant bring myself to link to fbook. They go on an east coast tour in a few months as well. With Alex away we are too busy to hire anyone and its very much a catch 22. So both Courier and Speilman Coffee are missing a roaster this week.

Our spare bike was rebuilt by WTF this week. Sturmey Archer two speed kickback hubs are indeed superior to Bendex. The next time one of our fast bikes burns out you may see us riding a beach cruiser on delivery (mental note- get a rack for said cruiser).

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