Noble gas Milk Bar + 200 records

James biked the Argon in from NE. The Morse hole-saw bit (purchased later from Hall) fit the gas line through our bar fridge. Preliminary testing shows that Milk at 18 psi is enough to seal, and does not affect taste. We now think in the absence of O2 the life of milk may be extended. The next step is the Column, to house the shank and tap.

After three years of use we are servicing the doser on our Robur for the first time (later this week). The star is not connecting fully, but that spring is solid (we have replaced the collar screw twice to aid adjustment however).

Two new coffees on bar. The espresso (which is so so so lovely right now) only has a few days before we are out of the Ileja, Mbeya as well.

Thursday evening extended hours to receive a show curated by BT (oh and a customer just sold us her collection of vinyle- thank you- you records are rad 200 new ones on bar). best ccr

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