we are noticing

increased moisture content below ground, More dramatic humidity swings from dawn to dusk, small spring flies, reduced coffee batch sizes for greater thermal control during roast.

We have finally made contact directly with Jarden corporation, who owns Kerr, who purchased Ball long ago. We have also made contact with Tri-S (tualitan!!), the same printing company that puts the images on growlers of beer around town and 22′s like Rogue. We would like to make some Courier Coffee mason jar prints. This week we talk to Tri-S more about cost, but the talks with Jarden are going well. We would have images baked onto wide mouth and quart mason jars… The good news with the jars is that they are one of the few things still manufactured in the US. We are most certainly on track to have 1000- 2000 mason jars on a truck from the East coast in the next two weeks.

We are still thinking about the physical taps for milk on the bar, and finding someone to customize them. The Argon pressurizing the 5 gallon kegs has gone very well. We almost have a cleaning schedule on track, but more will depend on the tap lines in the coming weeks. All of this builds toward streamlining the bar for the summer. It has been very busy late winter and pre-spring, and we would like to keep moving.

At our bar the property owners are re-doing the tile in front of all the entry ways soon (within the next month we hear), this will cause a brief upset in hours, but should be rad. We are also told the green trim will revert back to their original slate gray.

UPDATE- Tri-S says that their machine will not work with Wide Mouth Mason jars. They do do Rogue, Stumptown, Gigantic Growlers. They say that the protruding top edge of the screw top and the raised lettering will not work on their equipment. FYI our quotes for simply making a mold of a wide mouth jar without “ball” or “

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