Thoughts leading to milk tap

The coffee scene in Portland shifted in 1999, or really 1996 (or thereabouts), when a beloved Portland coffee roaster sold out, but so quietly that no one realized. After 96′ the spirit changed forever, but so did our focus.

Courier Coffee started with the desire to be local, hands on, and really many things that the future is not. One huge thing that set us apart, aside from transportation, was that our coffee bags were made of entirely paper, from Canada and Washington Pulp mills, not a deceptive plastic lined natural looking paper that many Portland roasters use today( why use plastic?). We also use glass mason jars for wholebean delivery (made in the U.S.A. and no not USA China). And we do take the jars back and reuse them for many more times to come. Then when we opened our bar We, along with Public Domaine, were one of the first to source compostable paper cups made in the USA from entirely USA material (genetically modified plant based lining- Monsanto, but still). The good news is that we are now not alone in this, and that others are joining in using the more expensive compostable cup.

The cost of glass is pretty enormous, as are paper to go cups. Surprisingly paper coffee bags are really almost the same price as poly-lined. Delivery fees are also pretty high, since honestly it takes more time to bike the city than to drive, yet we do not charge more than others.

This summer we think that putting milk on tap officially, will save the energy it takes opening and closing our refrigerator, which we hope will outweigh other environmental burdens, such as increased water usage and Argon use. It is constantly on our minds, reducing our energy footprint, and sourcing products from ecologically thoughtful sources (like our new eggs in the Canele!!!).

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