The Excitement Continues

Lots going on around the roastery. Yesterday, friend Jeff paid us a visit. We tasted some Kenya Mchana roasted on the 22nd, brewed by Hario syphon brewer.

We’re working hard here at Courier Coffee. HOURS have been poured into perfecting the look and feel for this blog. Expect to see some major changes as we learn more about this fancy WordPress thing.

Notes from the field:
Last night I dropped some coffee off at Liberty Glass: Terminal Gravity ESG now on tap!
This morning, Ray from the Little Red Bike Cafe pulled me a delicious shot of the espresso we roasted the 22nd. Although he said it was even better yesterday, it was pretty darn good. It started dry in my mouth, then filled out with just a touch of acidity for an added punch. It was a dark tan, with plenty of nice tiger flecking around the edges.

Alex unfortunately didn’t make it into the last post, but we have a great shot of him for this one. We ain’t just roasting coffee.


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3 Responses to “The Excitement Continues”

  1. julia says:

    joel- i was reveling today in your mchana that was so graciously mailed to me (thank you to ali, evan, and brian) thinking about how i wish you guys had a blog that was more easily accesible than the one on the roastery door. you must have read my mind.
    also, i shared a french press of said beans with the best coffee nerds i’ve found so far in austin (they just opened a cafe close to my house that serves cuvee coffee). they had heard of courier and were tickled to get to try it.
    i will most certainly miss my daily doses of courier. glad to see you guys on the great world wide web.

  2. Evan & Ali says:

    Dear CRR,
    1. We need to have a s’more throw-down @ the roastery.
    2. Love the blog updates.
    3. Hooray for Liberty Glass, Jeff, and Kenya Mchana.
    4. Espresso (4/25) was pouring like a dream today.
    5. LRBC hearts CCR

  3. emceethemusi says:

    Y’all talk about coffee as if it were a fancy pinot or a V. C. Andrews novel. I love it! Even though I don’t love coffee. (sorry). But I love bikes and PDX! See, we can still be friends. <3 xoxo <3