We play records at the bar, cassette tapes at the roastery. Most of the cassettes are Maxell Studio 60 minute medium bias w dolby type 2 (we dont use noise reduction). The studio quality basically means thicker tape with less stretch- so we hear. Many of the records we now play at bar were recorded onto tape so that we could enjoy in the dusty environment of the roastery. Pictured above was one of the first records we played after signing the lease to our coffee bar on Oak. We stripped the place down to its original Taco Del Mar paint job, and with only two electrical outlets left, we used one for a lunchbox turntable. Nas- Illmatic still has white paint splatter.

There was a time we played cd’s (like most people), but we later learned they, or their player eventually failed much faster than analogue recordings. making the move to vinyle at our bar

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