Pictured above Maka-chan, one of our awesome guests this past month.

This year Courier Coffee is getting more attention from Japan, and especially Tokyo. Courier just got a nice full page spread in the most recent Elle Gourmet Japan. This year I believe we have been mentioned in three different magazines, and we are looking at photos of our shop being published in a fashion magazine in the spring. Currently Portland is very popular in Tokyo, as they are looking at our city as a model for sustainability in housing and infrastructure, not to mention our coffee scene. Kinfolk magazine has been pretty key, since it is probably more popular in Japan than anywhere else. Also Matsushima, who grew up in Portland, but is native to Tokyo, has drawn a lot of attention to us from Shibuya where he runs Paddlers Coffee. His coffee bar represents Portland, serving pourover Stumptown Coffee. Matsushima is not just selling Portland coffee, but kind of the image and lifestyle behind it.

While we get visitors throughout the year, December is especially a time for people to return to Portland, and revisit, rediscover. In a way this makes us want to re-invest in our space, to make it better, and to refocus our attention on our style of service.

big news- espresso is now a naturally processed coffee from the Aricha mill, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. And after three years we are finally getting compost, albeit with the compromise of keeping it inside our room until the pickup comes twice a week. I think we can pull this off, planning to use our bathroom for the rollcart, and since our bathroom was not glamorous to begin with…. We should not be producing garbage anymore yay- and we will be the first in our building to compost.

We will definitely be closed Christmas and New Years Day. We know for sure new years eve will be regular hours for sure, and maybe even open later. Christmas Eve looks to also be regular hours, but we may waffle on this.

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