New Year approaches, and we have almost accomplished one of our many goals. Composting will soon become a reality, hopefully on New Years Eve, for our bar (the roastery already has compost service). When the City of Portland made sure Compost containers were given to every household, commercial businesses were also able to set up service. Yet in order for commercial business to receive this service the building owner had to request/ pay/ and be willing to accommodate. We have weighed our options, deciding that it would be possible to store half a weeks compost inside our store (the pickup is bi-weekly). After all, most of us store compost inside our kitchens in Portland now for a week or longer, without odors or pests. This should be a wonderful thing because almost all of the biproducts of what we do will no longer go into a landfill, but be driven to Seattle to compost. Where will we store a large rollcart? in the bathroom, locked up to prevent mis-use. As one of the first coffee bars in the city to provide compostable cups made in the USA of paper biproducts also from the USA- we are now very proud to be able to start compost.

In the New Year we hope to better our customer service, re-do our seating area along the east wall, install ceiling high shelving for vinyl on the west wall, introduce sound dampening boards, finalize the milk bar taps, introduce drying racks, replace our ceramic cups- and really everything we ever wanted. Already we have created a housemade record cleaning solution, made of very mild ingredients, and new audiophile record sleeves are on the way to replace our paper sleeves. Happy New Year to everyone.

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  1. Naomichi says:

    Dear Mr.Domreis

    I am writing to you for the first time.

    I’m Naomichi Saegusa from Japan.
    I am sending you an e-mail today to ask a favor.

    Actually, my friend Masanori Nishikawa, who are traveling all over the world by bicycle to tell children in Japan what he saw there and his experience, are visiting your city Portland.
    I’ve found Portland and your shop in Japanese magazine “Spectator” and “ku:nel” and got impressed with your wonderful culture and principle.
    And I asked him to research some places in Portland and we are preparing a small event, where he Skype us in Tokyo to report about Portland.
    Preparatory for it, could you meet him? He will visit your shop on 25th.


    Masanori’s blog: