drink price change at coffee bar. Base price will now be three dollars. We appreciate serving you coffee, and look forward to providing better service at 923 SW Oak. The menu will be re-written when this occurs.

We have always wanted to create a menu involving dollar bills, and not coin. Back in 2000 it was standard practice to tip a dollar per drink (and as Tyler would say tips are not a requirement but always appreciated). A dollar might have been high at the time? but it was easy, and, we strive for easy. so if tips were a dollar, and drinks are 3.50 (beer), you almost want to not have that change…….. as always we want to keep things simple. Everything around us is getting more costly, taxes, payroll rent, but… we just want to live the dream.

so- film at Courier Monday Night- the anniversary of the earthquake in Japan that will(has) affect(ed) us all on planet earth. 630 pm Monday the 10th- Kamanaka report. A rough series of interviews in both russian and japanese with japanese subs only (i would still recommend it even if you cannot understand the words). the price is 500 yen (or five dollars), and all the money will go toward film and Japan aid. RSVP IS MUCH APPRECIATED. thank you as always best joel ccr

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