Luckily our roastery is sound isolated, and our neighbors who call the police on us are gone. Ill never forget the night four police officers showed, asking ‘who are you”- ‘who are you?’ we say, they answer-

we are police they answered. is our sound making a problem. no. . cool. why are you here? your neighbors said they saw the lights on. whats that. a coffee roaster.

Its really loud at the roastery- since our tapedecks need parts we play music by minidisc. the room is too dusty for records.

Having just cupped 20 samples roasted this morning- late next week we have a new Ethipian coffee and a new El Salvador coffee arriving on bar. The current espresso is an organically grown colombian coffee from the Kachalu Cooperative in Santander. While imperfect you can sort of taste how I am feeling this week as I roast it. Each roast is different, and we are serving it very fresh. Its fun and dynamic, and yet a very muted acidity to work with. This coffee takes heat well but its difficult to create flavor dynamics (word choice?). We try to build a differential between the mid seed and outer seed in the roast with this coffee- more than others. Going to give up half way explaining it and will only mention that this will be the last week we have it on bar. Refuse a couple espressos for us for fun.

This week we will try to get you more informed on the more technical workings at the roastery. all the best-us.

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