Putting our expertise to work fixing RC cars. Japan has become a point of interest not only for Courier Coffee, but for the entire West Coast. It is now public knowledge that three major roasters are expanding to Tokyo, and rumor rumor that there will be more. True Portland (probably the best Portland guide book to date) came out a few months ago and Portland just scored an entire issue of POPEYE magazine, in which our town was featured. Courier-enthralled with Portland finds expanding difficult at best, and even harder to think from 500 square feet of retail to global. We. still. love portland.

24 guests and family visited us from Japan this week, we roasted a ton of coffee and dealt with replacing a pump relay on a two group espresso machine. We use the same tools for an espresso machine as we do RC Cars luckily. Before you think- wow Courier is doing amazing ( i mean we are doing pretty great)- these are the rc cars where the wire is connected between car and remote- lucky also more easily fixable with damaged electrical.

Our Japanese friends have their artwork up at Courier right now. They made a Courier t-shirt and tote bag (the tshirt is white). Also their is a rad straw mobile up at Courier right now (not for sale- just you know, come check it out). Thank you so much for your patronage this summer. we now have a legitimate art show list for the coming months so something to look forward too.

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