Walk up and Stock up at our Roastery Sunday

Purchase wholebean (or ground) coffee, at the roastery, on Sunday from 10am-2pm. Do you need a bunch of coffee packaged for gifts, feel free to phone ahead. Starting tomorrow. We will be doing cash sales only until we can figure other futuristic methods.9/half pound. 18/full pound. all other fractions will be rounded to dollar amounts

Feel free to walk in, we are around the left side of the house at 4019 se hawthorne, at the little house behind

On other news- Cuppings at the roastery on Tuesdays, exact time to be announced.

Downtown we now have apple cider on bar, pressed friday night by the Old World Apple Lady, of almost all Spitzenberg varietal apples, for the kids of course, glasses for three, pints for four.

Also we are struggling with a new kind of milk- Almond. We have no consensus on this so far. for a minute we were serving an expensive almond milk, and then a cheaper one, yet organic and local (oregon). we would absolutely love your help, feedback, and honesty, and thank you to the woman who called to say her drink tasted bad. We appreciate this more than anything else. I personally will tell people my drink was horrible and will return it, with wine, coffee, anything. We are here for you, and getting a drink means that you should be happy with it.

Thank you so so so much. Please in the future let us know if you are not completely satisfied. Thank you for being with us.

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