Synesso brew group sound and rumor.

Above Synesso Cyncra Paddlegroup old style with roller cam switch – also known as the cherry switch. position 1,2,3 respectfully.

Issue- buzzing noise when brewing. solution- tighten nut that holds valve to brewgroup because alLack of a proper ground leads to feedback loop.

For our own work we like to re assemble things finger tight (in places where tightness is not neccesary), and I personally like to end up with less screws than I start with (not for clients). This makes the next service job faster. Honestly im amazed these machines are not just held together with magnets yet, and I have petitioned for hydraulics to adjust the height of the machine. if we could re-engineer the machine for speed break downs that would be rad, and also if we could have a sightglass window into the boiler (lit up of course). Synesso? Luckily this machine is fun to think about all the time, which is probably why we continue to make espresso, besides of course the joy of serving coffee.

Homework for the week- Manhatten Love Story (a japanese drama about a Kissa Owner). if you want to know how we think its probably like this guy (not really, but we do like that he is way into coffee). youtube that. there are subtitles. then we have 40 more dramas to show you about bikes and food.

super rumor- sizzlepie is opening a bar before the summer. its true- believe. Summer on oak street is going to be amazing. polish your shoes, buy some art, toys, soap, pizza, french no Scandinavian fare, get a massage, environmental lawyer, ad agency, pottery, womens clothing (yes guys womens clothing is in for fashion now). and we really hope finish it with a beer. there has been work recently on the sizzlepie bar, all the best us at courier.

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