replaced the spindle bearing in our technic sl-1200. as removing the circuit board we dusted the body out with Argon. used original Technic spindle-deadstock from 5 years prior (you can see the brass filing on the old spindle above). Work slowed down Sunday on Bar, so Jeremy and I did some maintenance and cleaning.

Amy Suzuki Barrett, of Courier Coffee, now has her artwork up on bar for the next ten days before she heads back to Hokaido to finish artschool, we look forward to her potential return to Portland.

Tuesday evening we hosted a showing of Kamanakas Interviews and video artwork in the evening on bar. The screening was entirely in Japanese, and marks the anniversary (3.11) of the major earthquake in Tohoku, Japan. This is our second year of showing Kamanakas reports, with permission.

On a related/unrelated route the Owl lives in my backyard, and maybe eats mice. we do not use pesticides or chemicals, but our neighbors do for sure, At the roastery this is something we think about for sure-outside impacts. why do people do these things that indirectly impact them..

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