Just got the Snow-Peak CS-270 kettles for brewing at Record Store Day on Hawthorne outside Jackpot records.

Today on bar we took dimensions of our refrigerator, milk storage vs keg storage, and asked ourselves about the summer.

The new SS steam tip from Synesso is amazing and if you have not noticed has changed the definition of our milk. we may have just moved to a world that is finely defined through texture that did not exist before, or that we had difficulty creating. Our latte milk is more fluid, and our cappucino milk more textured. It is a bit slower though

Since our business is partly bicycle delivery we paused to check out this stripped bike- note the sugino cranks are still there, which we think were probably the best part of this frame. amazingly the lock is in tact (wouldnt it be easier to take the frame instead of stripping as you go?). we hope your bikes are safe.

Blood oranges were back on bar this morning. Mid day tuesday we receive more green coffee. The strike on the West coast is still affecting incoming traffic of boats (coffee).

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