New coffee-
Rosario farm El Salvador, Bourbon varietal.
Las Delicias farm, El Salvador, Pacamara varietal.
Decaf Chiapas Mexico organic grown water decaf.

Kebel Aricha Mill, Chelelektu, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.
Hacienda Supracafe los Naranjos, Cajibio, Cauca, Colombia.
Ikawa Cooperative, Dukorere, Burundi.

We closed last Saturday for staff training, where we kicked off the morning roasting coffee in a steel drum sample roaster in the doorway of 923 sw Oak, before going over pourover technique, and customer service, followed by plating. The end of the day saw us sharing a beer and watching the Starlight Parade marshall. We want to thank you for your understanding in our closing for the day.

I am currently in Chiba, Tokyo, Japan, and am preparing to teach a workshop on home coffee roasting. Yesterday we went to something like Home Depot, yet more comprehensive and less gross. With an empty paint can, a two foot steel bolt, metal cutting scissors and thermometer coming in under $15 we will make our drum roaster today including a hinged doorway to pull samples from. We will then season the roaster by burning it in. The shiny metal of the paint can is less than ideal because we dont want reflective heat so much as conductive, blackbody heat, and of course a heaver steel would be more ideal. And we dont have any mixing vanes yet for the drum, but these issues will all be solved today.

Shopping for green coffee in Tokyo is very easy, but off the shelf price will run $50 for 1000g, and this is past crop coffee. In the US green costs around $12 for 1000g. Keep in mind you can buy Stumptown Coffee here for $30 a pound. The basic end to the math here is that Stumptown coffee shipped from Portland is the same price for green coffee. Actually buying green unroasted coffee here is more expensive than buying roasted coffee. I have yet to wrap my head around the logistics of this, because $30 a pound for roasted coffee is actually on the higher end here for bulk- yet cheap compared to that an average pourover coffee is $5.

Buying green coffee just by looking and smelling, and without cupping is kind of another level for me. Yesterday i basically went on freshness, and visual moisture consistency. We picked out a kenya from last years crop, and a current crop honey processed brazilian (basically on look and smell alone). ill try and post some photos here soon. best joel ccr

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