The most exciting project personally right now is fixing the shimano saint dual piston hydraulic brake action on the ceramic pistons.Shimano does not make replacement parts for this (very expensive) item, and so its been difficult even talking to people about our issues- but thats when we came across one awesome bike shop which gave us some tips. Today we are cleaning around the ceramic pistons with mineral spirits and really trying to clean the action up.

Tomorrow we wait for a semitruck of green coffee to arrive. The trick is that even though they have promised to deliver by a certain time we are most likely at their mercy. We could be stuck all day waiting, which is the way it works, and we have no recourse.

checked bases with city bikes and they may help us carry some sweet bike lights for everyone stranded near our coffee bar in the dark. it is not a done deal yet, but City Bikes is always ready to help us out. We have many bike friends but there is one little rear light we love and they carry it.

Downtown some may have noticed that the chairs are still horrible, but we have visually cleared space above the front door. The next move is to increase seating very slightly while still making a generous space for wheelchairs (and bikes should you bring them in).

Friday (tomorrow) we have three new coffees arriving at the roastery (as some point) means you wont see them untill slightly later.

all the best-us-courier

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