The Courier phone line is down for repairs (until we get to the phone store). was not really into LG and we spent a few minutes today trying to track down a samsung flip phone. so it goes. Actually we have enough phones now that we should probably be resurrecting one of them (seriously considering handing them out as trick or treat goodies).

progress since last check in- new barstools, made in the U.S.A.

Slept on getting bike lights, but we did just bring a bunch of coffee to City Bikes and we still really do want to help those night time commuters.

On the Cargo Bike front we are still operating with only one brake (granted a pretty awesome brake). The action has gotten better through applying spirits to the outside, but not buttery yet, and we tire of the work.

This weekend is coffee fest, and many interesting people are in Portland visiting us. Synesso is coming to show off their new MVP machine- probably too fancy- but we love what they do.
Also cool samples are showing up at our bar as farmers and brokers visit our city.

Lastly today there was a small brainstorming session about Ankeny Park on the south end of the North Park Blocks. The main topic was how to include the Park more into the rest of the park blocks and also diversify the use of the area to include more of the neighbors (basically to create more traffic of people.). good times.

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