Half & Half closed, repair work continues. Bike maintenace, coffee future, espresso update.

Half & Half Cafe closed again today. Repair work continues below the sidewalk of Veloshop. The problem is at the sewer junction where the building’s line meets the City’s, basically on Veloshop’s doorstep. Today there is the possibility of a Barbeque outside Half & Half, if so we will post it here. The outlook this morning is that work will complete today. We will keep you posted.

IMGP3158 by you.

At Courier yesterday we ran around, then finished the day with working on our bikes. The steering tube headset on the cargo bike got a little love. This is the tall vertical shaft that the handlebar stem mounts onto. The lower retainer bearings, and races, got cleaned and repacked with grease. Then we adjusted the headsets. This is a two person job that for us involves a pipe wrench and 5mm allen. Now the shaft is tight and nice and ready to go.

On the coffee front, we have been cupping and re-cupping samples. We were excited about a promising assortment of green coffee samples from Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Guatemala. All are organically grown, and from cooperatives. Nothing really blew our minds and this at a time when we are super low on coffee. On the up-side we do have a beautiful Guatemalan coffee that arrived somewhere on the west coast yesterday, a carrier has been contracted and we hope to receive later next week.

Our espresso is about to make a phase change. Two nights ago I roasted the last of the organic natural Sidamo that made 50% of our espresso. We have another Sidamo, but it is different, lacking the vibrancy in the higher notes.

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