Nice Package –

There is a new coffee package on the shelf at your local grocery store- from more than a few different roasters using the words “biodegradable”. But how can polyethylene be biodegradable?

Polyethylene is plastic. it is used to line milk cartons, and coffee cups. There are paper coffee bags that are lined with polyethylene, and in general it is a thin plastic film, used for plastic bags- probably with BSP. We are almost positive that plastic is not biodegradable- but that word has many definitions which do not exactly match up with ecological sustainability. The question at each step is- is this necessary.

The long and short is that no- coffee is not necessary. We started this business as a vice. a necessary evil tied up in the economics of global trade, displacement, colonialism, Christianity, world wars, and plastic packaging. Let us even mention the large amounts of fossil fuels roasting, those roasters who choose to heat their space with a roaster while also running air conditioning. To their defense let us look toward a time when having ice and refrigeration are considered wasteful.

Let us be thoughtful. we should not believe these smooth words like Biodegradable. we should be thinking of the impact of what we do. Maybe bring your own cup to the coffee shop? We certainly appreciate you who appreciate. I really do not like having to sell coffee cups and plastic lids. What would make us most happy is to be part of a business where more than not we see thoughtfulness, and mindfulness.

Great- now that we have guilt tripped you, let us tell you…. This past week we ordered ten cases of mason jars from Target, which were shipped in eight large boxes, each containing two smaller boxes, each box containing one box of 12, quart mason jars. These are remarkably cheap. we are not even able to wholesale directly from the company for this price. The company is called Jardin corporation and they own kerr, ball and 20 other different companies. right now its a moral dilema where to get glass from.

We also received nine N44g Shure Phono Styluses, samples of coffee from El Salvador, parts from Synesso espresso machine manufacturer, and tires from bike tires direct.

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