a couple new people starting to work at courier. There is a saying in the Netherlands they put at the front door telling customers “if you had a great experience tell your friends, if you were unhappy tell us.” please do! we are only here to help you and make things better.

as much as we dislike signs and have tried hard to make a point over the last 6 years, customers are continually confused about the idea of buying coffee like beer. eating at Jade the other day and looking at their signage, much like anyone has, floating above things saying things like order here, water, bathroom. well we might just break down and make a sign that says please order anywhere, we want to serve you and pick up your dishes, or something. a floating sign behind the bar. maybe a sign that elegantly says please dont wash your hair with herbal essence in our bathroom sink for over 10 minutes at a time, or please no sleeping on the toilet.

big things that just happened included minimum wage increasing from 9.25 to 9.75, july 1st. we are supposed to increase dramatically yearly. One of our clients is eliminating tips from their service which we think is kind of awesome. i guess to pay the staff more we have to charge more? After spending 10 dollars for a coffee in Japan im a little immune to feeling guilt about this. been thinking about this a lot.

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