synesso brewgroup drain manifold corrosion and pitting

At least seven years old the copper drain connector weakened in part by corrosion, and probably in part by jiggling it in and out so many times. At first we only blamed our backflushing detergent- jo glo. Chris of Extracto has told us that joglo is more corrosive than purocaf, but we would like to do a side by side. Not impressively no one noted the water dripping from under the machine before it collected inside the electronic control box and fried the pump relay. the copper drain manifold is something we have never stocked, and it took us a moment to go to the hardware store and use a nonrated hose from each group to head to the drain.

While Synesso is building controllers and working on profiling espresso, wouldnt a quick connect stainless steel drain manifold be awesome.

On the home front our Ditting has been (for the last two years) giving issue. we have already assessed this as the switch going (older model paddle switch ditting). But now that a new one is in there is still half of the issue. capacitor? in the morning we have to turn it off and on a few times before the motor will turn.

Meanwhile we broke a WiHa driver while taking the ditting apart- crazy and with minimal force. we have misplaced our faith in german engineering and this must have been some defect metal work. probably the third time in ten years since buying new this driver has ever been used, and never hammered on. Next time we are not going Wiha.

otherwise at the roastery we have a new person delivering and packing- Justin. Since July of last year its just been myself doing all delivery. There has been spring cleaning all over again here and slowly its getting back together. Our basement is getting packed with coffee.

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