Our LSM 2 group Leva

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Introducing our La San Marco Leva 2 group, type 80, 1983. We spotted this on 30th and Belmont in 2002. A few owners later and we purchased the machine. Now we use it in our shop.

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The LSM Leva has the ability to do one thing very well, to provide smooth and stable water flow to the brew groups. No Marzocco, or Synesso, or Slayer can match it. These newer machines definitely are advantageous, but no machine except a lever completely isolates the brew water from the brew line. Isolation means that for the majority of the duration of an espresso being pulled the brew water is completely separated from the water line.

The LSM Leva is a spring/piston lever. When the lever is vertical and the machine at rest, the piston is almost touching the shower screen. Pull the lever down and the piston raises, at the same time compacting two large springs. There is a point at the bottom of the pull where a part of the piston assembly, that has been pulled up, contacts a cam, opening a water valve, letting water into the shaft. The valve opening is controllable by the degree that the lever is pulled down. The valve opening is immediately next to the shaft. When the cavity is filled with water, the lever may be released and the spring exerts pressure on the column of brew water, pushing through the coffee. As soon as the lever is released, pressure on the cam stops and the valve is shut, completely isolating the column of water as it gets pushed through the grounds.

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The fat tube leading to the back right of the steam boiler, carries cold incoming water into a heat exchanger tube, that hangs in the roof of the steam boiler, up in the steam. You can see where it exits the back left of the boiler and branches out to each group. The group has a cavity that is full of water, waiting at the valve to be let into the shaft. This cavity extends into the steam boiler in a dead end pipe. How efficient this is at keeping the water temperature stable we only have a feeling.

Anyway, this is the machine we use at our shop. We make experimental espresso’s, serve friends, occasionally take it apart and rebuild. When Matt Sperry started he rebuilt this machine. Now Alex is working on our three group, between deliveries and roasting/apprenticing.

8 Responses to “Our LSM 2 group Leva”

  1. Marissa says:

    bloody hell. i want that.

  2. justin says:

    cool i will post up a few pics of ours when it is running again. ours isnt a HX one but the PID solves that!

  3. Ray says:

    WOW! Did you take her to Glamour Shots for the photo shoot? I’ve never seen her that pretty! I’m a lova of the Leva.

  4. joel says:

    Well Marissa, visitors to the workshop are welcome. We are hidden in the parking lot of than thao 40th and Hawthorne, sometimes we are super busy. call ahead recommended.

  5. miguelaron says:

    or office hours? friday morning?

  6. evan&ali says:

    I believe in the Leva. My second shot I ever tasted from this machine remains one of the best I have ever tried. Can’t office hours be moved to Tues or Wed when I have the day off?

  7. Andrea says:

    Congratulations on your La San Marco Leva! I think that the lever-operated espresso machine is by far the best way to go, and wish I had a single-lever at home. The Pied Cow Coffeehouse uses a lever machine, and Lovely Hula Hands has a single-lever. Maybe these will start making a comeback!

  8. joel says:

    Chance of Rain cafe also has a LSM Leva, or used to.