The San Franciscan 25lb roaster gear reduction issue, more issues.

Id like to get highly technical with this entry, as we have replace motors before, and also have drained the gearbox before.

Our two sources in Portland for parts are McGuire Bearing- where you probably have to be more knowledgeable because exact matches have never been matches for us- and after all the machine we have was never exactly made as it was intended to be made- more on that later. Second place and they have never let us down (fingers crossed because we get a new motor today is) Conrey Electric.

What happened is our gear reduction box, mounted directly to the motor that drives a chain turning the drum failed. It was a two part fail- one the gear stripped, and the slow fail was that the key between the two wore its own new keyway out, sending metal fines into the motor shaft and digging a trench into the motor. This is one tough roaster so this issue has probably been happing the entire life of this machine. Our immediate thought was to get a new gear reduction box or j-box as Mcguire insists.So we did yet the exact match had a larger shaft and sprockettes at 47 teeth accepting a 40 series chain are not readily available. At this point its saturday- the worst day to get parts, or for something to break (things always break on a Friday). Luckily we thought of, and got in touch with Ken Miller, who works at City Bikes, and does freelance work in remodel and construction of pretty much everything- who has one of the most awesome machine shops. Ken saved us. He helped deepen the keyway on the sprokette and enlarge the bore to match the new gearbox. kind of an awesome experience.

Ken emphasized the importance of chain alignment, and now we have noticed perhaps further issue which is why we are installing a new motor today and reducing the length of chain on the drum.

The roaster has been working since saturday, and now we have more work.

more on this soon-joel ccr

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