saga- sf-25 San Franciscan roaster – unbalanced drum.

Purchased a new 40-series chain for the roaster, which came with a masterlink, and then a chain breaker for such a chain (McGuire Bearing said a bike chainbreaker would work with a 40-series, and we misplaced our two chainbreakers, but i have my doubts). Always excited about getting a new tool.

Installed a new motor driving the drum, the main reason is that there has been an awefull sound lately. Installed a new chain to drive the drum, and… we messed up having to install two masterlinks (for now- need a shorter length to use an idler sprockette instead of idler wheel).

The main loudness in the system, which gets worse as the motor heats up, is the off balanced drum affecting the worm gear conversion box which the motor mounts too. and its a shame because really this is how its been the last ten years, but now the sound is killing us. The solution is to rebalance the drum (comical because Coffee/PER did not care at all about balance when this thing was made). we really hope the company cares now. They have been extremely helpful on the phone lately.

unfinished story- to be continued..

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