much work.

The drum shaft on our SF-25 San Franciscan could be slightly not true- for the last 3 inches, leading to a slight balance issue. But the drum was not balanced before.

We researched worm reduction gear boxes and they seem similar. sliding friction force is not quiet, but it is the most compact way to reduce speed and increase tork. Our new Vortex gear reduction j-box has a sight glass for the oil. We are past 20 hours of recommended break-in, and this weekend it will be time to bleed, flush, and add new synthetic oil. We have been reading up on different weights of oil as you can imagine and taking temperature of the gear box to make sure that we select the correct weight. fun.

On other fronts our Marantz integrated amplifier graced the shop last weekend for ten hours before blowing its outbound circuitry. anticipating the quality of our speakers being called to question we have turned them back over to Brent at Freds Sound of Music. There seems to be a leak in current and everyone is puzzled.

At the roastery its either too hot or too cold. Downtown again this Saturday we will be making shaved ice. we will also be researching heaters to keep people warm (courier has never had heat before- just the espresso machine). Yet courier has never really been that cold.

I remember my second coffee job ever having to siphon heating oil with my mouth to get the furnace started each morning because you could see your breath but we were too cheap to buy heating oil or electric heaters. or to fix our furnace.

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