growing older, perhaps a recap and reflection.


My name is Joel. In 6th grade my art teacher asked us to build our future place of work, and our homework was to figure what we would do when we grew up. A computer program that would simulate the next 60 years of our lives, forecasted my future occupation as a firefighter, I decided to start work building a coffee shop. (this was DOS prompt, when the internet started and we were building black boxes still to trick the phone company into long distance calls out of eggbeaters and copper wire. chat rooms with secret codes to get into other chat rooms, wardialing etc. I think my favorite “shareware” was ZZT- geez that game was awesome.)

At the end of the year i can only think of the most recent things. As i walked through the lego section of Fred Meyer yesterday, i was thinking about how much more awesome things would be if i had a Lego Deathstar. Instead of this I went downtown and picked up an ADCOM 555 power amplifier. I imagine that either a Deathstar or the Adcom 555 would be equally awesome, but last night into now i know that life is better.

In school a grim reference was made to the human dimensions of global climate change. It is called boiling a frog in water (vegans can stop reading at this point). if you place a frog in a boiling pot of water it will jump out, but if you place a frog in cold water and bring to a boil the frog will not notice and just boil alive.

The game in Wargames they played was______________.

shifting gears- many know i married a girl from Japan. Today, new years eve, means very little to us. At midnight in Japan one goes to a shrine and rings the bell. You eat noodles, particularly soba noodle, called crossing over noodle to signify the connectedness of the years. and in the morning you watch the first sunrise of the year.

I hope tonight everyone eats noodles at midnight, and for the next few weeks please gather with your friends for meals. we thank you for having a cup of coffee, we will be raising a glass to you. Thank you for being with us. Happy new year.

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