IMGP3211 by you.

Free Courier Coffee at the Portland Zine Symposium this weekend. Smith Ballroom PSU, opens at 2pm today. Sat and Sunday starts at 10am. Bring a cup from home.

Navarre serving Sumatra Toba Lintong this week, roasted today, cups provided, fancy. This was a beautiful roast.

Perierra Creperie serving Guatemala Huehuetenango finca Palhu, roasted thursday till 3am, bring your own cup.

Saturday morning Courier Coffee will join Sam Adams in the Division Clinton street fair 10:45am start. We will be wearing the color green, and some other bike businesses will join.

Espresso has changed to a 50/50 mix of Ethiopia Sidamo semi-washed organically grown coffee and Sulawesi Toraja grade 1.

Monday a new coffee arrives at our workshop. Guatemala finca los Nubes and we are ready and excited. This past week has been a rush, Courier has been working on four seperate Synesso espresso machines, and its been a blast. Sprout Cycle has laid more gold inside our porteur rack, and it is ready for pick up. Time to bike downtown for the final deliveries of friday. You might find me having a beer and roasting samples of coffee in my garage after work. Best joel ccr

3 Responses to “weekend”

  1. evan&ali says:

    what kind of beer did you drink while roasting samples?

  2. joel says:

    Terminal Gravity India Pale Ale. Matt, Daphne, and I cupped Saturday before the parade- which was awesome. We handed out “Shop Local” buttons, bike maps of Portland, and packets of seeds. Cupping again Monday if you want to come over, earlier is better since its going to get hot in here.

  3. evan&ali says:

    i would have come, but we took ali’s mom to the beach. i’m trying my best to do as you do when you’re at the coast, and sleep any chance i get.