exploring a new menu format for coffee shop

Many projects.

We tried to make a menu that would be simple, yet have a little information- the necessary kind. This occurs at the risk of much mystery over what you will get as a customer.

There are many ways to receive a drink. There is no right or wrong way. Compare a starbucks macchiato to a Portland one- which by the way the term is from Italy, so before someone looks down on starbucks, maybe we should consider the differences.

Looking from the other direction it is the staffs job to be mindful of the customers preference, which may just come down to judging them and stereotyping, or making assumptions. After all a bartender must read the setting in order to make a drink.

Currently im thinking a bigger menu might be in order. perhaps a vertical trifold- with a simple menu with pricing, very visual and uncluttered on one side, and a detail on the back, very technical. The affect would be the more customers know about the drink, the more detailed their standards could be, and wouldnt that be a great thing. so making a menu for someone who just wants a black coffee, but also someone who wants a 10oz cappuccino with lots of foam.

As always if you are unhappy with us, please let us know direct, and if you are happy tell a friend. We want to continue to roast coffee that is enjoyed, and provide service that is welcoming.

best best- ccr

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