sample roasted new crop Guatemalan coffees yesterday, we have locked in our order for two new coffees from Huehuetenango and its now a matter of shipping.

Free Courier Coffee this Saturday for the line at Record Store Day on Hawthornes Jackpot records. Unsure what to make- new Uganda coffee arrival? for this record store day we want to do something interesting- going against the grain. We know, and have pushed, stainless steel lined airpots (or thermoses). Pretty much every coffee shop and roaster in the city uses these because they tend to break less than glass thermoses, and can hold a little more volume. But glass keeps heat better, and also tastes better since there is no steel to react with the oils. Money over quality is what it breaks down too. sure your coffee is rad if you toss it every 40 minutes after brew, and honestly coffee that sits in a steel thermos for a few hours is surprisingly ok. but glass is best. so for this record store day we will be brewing ahead and serving in glass lined carafs.

We still expect new crop kenya and uganda in tomorrow. also we recieved more kenya and colombia samples last night which we will roast and cup today.

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