Installed a new Grove Gear wormgear reducer box on the SF-25 San Franciscan roaster, have not aligned the box properly yet to get a nice chainline. Last week our keystone worked itself loose and we scuffed up the paint a little re-setting the Martin 40 tooth sprockette, using an interesting tool steel spike like crowbar (oTc 7164). This was in order to line up the keyway. Too hasty installing the gearbox.

This week we cleaned out most of the 9-block pallets from inside the roastery. Since we cannot find a pallet person, or find a taker on craigslist for these things we had to cut them up for firewood. De-spelled the myth that pallette wood was soaked in chemicals by talking to a few folks, so its ok to use for a fire or woodstove. Must have been between 2-3 hundred pounds of wood we biked back home, turning a 20 minute ride into an hour. Cuts were made with an old Skillsaw which continued to cutout because the hot and ground wire kept connecting, our fix for this continued to get better.

The Shutter Precision dynamo hub on the cargo bike is working awesome. It is so sweet to have a rear and front light always on. We used a piece of chain from the roaster to hold the Supernova seatpost light firmly, and later some security screws for all. Very much thinking of making my next personal front hub a dynamo hub.

While we have the new coffee from Uganda, and two new Kenyan coffees we are still thinking about how best to roast them. Our espresso Guatemalan coffee continues to challenge us but lately its gotten a lot better- as it always does when there is less than a hundred pounds left (ASDEFLOR cooperative, Todos Santos Cuchumatan, Huehuetenango, Guatemala 2016 crop).

Brewing coffee for the line at Jackpot on Record Store Day went ok. Only was able to use one glass thermos, but the main challenge was pourover brewing such a huge amount. More than sure some of that coffee was made way too strong- but it got there- and it was the first preview of one of our two new Kenyan coffees. We brewed using gold plated steel Zip filters (Germany), into quart jars, grinding courser than normal and timing to 3 minute brews especially since we were using super super freshly roasted coffee. Decided wisely not to offer cream or sugar, but put the main effort into clear labeling of the farmer, and lot of coffee.

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