Last time we cut up the pallets. The next step was biking 300 pounds of pallette wood 5 miles deeper into southeast Portland. A normal 20 minute ride took one hour. We fell over three times on an uphill climb, once nearly missing a parked car. It was awesome. Distributed nice clean small cuts of wood to a community garden for their fire pit or building pleasure, then sections of partial cut palet with nails to my yard? for planting beds.

The coffee at Jackpot went super smooth- brewed all the coffee pourover style using gold plated filters from Zip. The first batch we attempted a different method- which while sludgy tasted great.

The last week we bled, and flushed the mineral oil from the cargo bikes rear Saint hydraulic brake line. super easy- nice and tight. except we ruined a half used set of pads. the oil was pretty dark. We pushed oil from the calipers up to the handlebars while keeping the line vertical. pushed some to flush out, and another to bottle up in the line. cleaned the ceramic pistons with some degreaser first and then a ton of rubbing alcohol before pressing them back in. lucky we have extra pads always for the saint pistons- although 50-60 dollars a pair, but the cargo bike needs those cooling fins on the pads for sure.

some may have noticed that we replaced our chairs downtown that were from IKEA (yellow)- with some vintage 1970′s chairs (orange). We are working very hard on those cheap yellow chairs with different disposable allen wrenches here at the shop. The issue with our orange chairs is that they are orange but the reason for the switch is because the yellow ones were falling apart.

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