Coffee, work, Sprout Cycles rack filled with gold

Yesterday we roasted the last batch of Guatemala finca Palhu. It was a nice coffee, some people really loved it.

Tomorrow morning a new lot of Guatemala coffee arrives from finca las Nubes. Alex will be biking St. Johns, while I will be waiting expectantly. Since it is super hot we will be moving most of our roasting to around 5am.

Today we are going to shuffle espresso machines around. Bringing the Half & Half’s first espresso machine back to life. We may even fire up the 3 group San Marco Leva.

Here are some parting photos of my Sprout Cycle Rack, recently mended by Edwin Brown, who is now preparing for the Oregon Manifest handmade bike show.

IMGP3295 by you.

IMGP3302 by you.

6 Responses to “Coffee, work, Sprout Cycles rack filled with gold”

  1. evan&ali says:

    did the new guate lot come in yet? i’m so f*cking excited. i think i might just have to move to guatemala and source coffee for you. this man (me) can’t get enough chocolate. stay cool these next few days ccr. stay cool.

  2. joel says:

    Not yet, just got the phone call, truck arrives at 6am-sh. Im kind of thinking some of it goes straight to the roaster and then onto the cargo bike out to north Portland.

  3. evan&ali says:

    thank you. thank you. no need to rush. good things come to those who wait, right? nonetheless, we are completely out of “coffee” coffee. how’s that for last minute?

  4. joel says:

    6:15am truck arrived with Guatemala finca Las Nubes- more on this coffee later.

  5. miguel says:

    i hope it’s not too hot at the roastery!