bike maintenance- what happens this month- time change

Our front hub Dynamo, or generator hub, has been wonderful. On the work bike having the lights on even in daytime feels safer. At night the road is very well lit. We are still using the Supernova front and rear. I thought we were well taken care of by our older Planet Bike Headlights, but the Supernova makes it so we can distinguish puddles from potholes.

Unfortunately our cargo bike frame (made by the Center for Appropriate transport, Eugene, OR) broke for the third time. This last time we thought it was over- downtube broken again. Bob of City Bikes (BANTAM cycles) came to the rescue and braised in a new tube in under four hours. rad. To sum our history we cracked the downtube above the BB in a year, broke the mount for the cargo bed, and now broke the downtube near the top tube. 12 years and on our third rear hub (Phil wood sucked, shimano Nexus redline totally a drag, literally, White Industries win), and the second front hub (Shimano Deore wasnt that bad to us, it held for ten years).

Actually Bob laced my rear Phil hub on my fast bike- the Surly 1×1- just last week. Phil bearings are good- just not the freewheel (which i was told needs to be serviced every month in dirty conditions, we dont do that). Bob suggested we re use my old spokes which has never happened to me before. I like running it till its dead so we said yes. when i got the wheel back it looked weird. Took a day to figure that the reason why the lacing looked funny wasnt the lacing- it was the fact that Bob had cleaned the hub and the lacing really stood out.

Currently its 1:23am and we are roasting coffee. Im heading to Tokyo in eleven hours and, thankfully i just gained another hour of roasting thanks to Daylight savings time. I am very anxious about leaving but luckily we have an amazing group at Courier. Alex Geddes will be roasting while im away, and since we have both been together in one way or another for seven years at Courier, well, it will the same- maybe better. i

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