syphon brewing at the Batizado

Courier Coffee syphon brews for Groupo Raça’s Batizado!

(A batizado is like a birthday for capoeira students — a fitting event, we thought, for the launch of the CCR blog.) Everything we brewed came from our new Hario syphon brewers, which were imported from Japan. Today it was Brazilian Carmo de Minas fazenda do Sertão-yellow bourbon, roasted two days prior. We brewed light to bring out the sweetness, but we’re still experimenting with our technique. All in all, about 80 cups of coffee were served from about 20-30 syphons. It was sunny and warm, and all the Capoeira’s in training enjoyed the coffee so much they were late for their first workshop. This was the second big weekend event in a row for Courier Coffee, and  we haven’t broken a single syphon yet!

After the event we snuck away to a secret location and had a syphon brew-off with secret people — details and winners to be announced!

2 Responses to “Batizado!”

  1. Evan & Ali says:

    Congrats on the batizado as well as the new blog! May many new good things continue to come your way.
    I foresee lots of tasting notes spelled out via this website.
    Speaking of which, we are having much success with the espresso blend from the 22nd. Seems to me that it is much easier to get consistent, dark, beautiful looking shots. As far as the flavor prof, I am definitely tasting more Ethiopia that I have in some of the previous batches, in which the Sulawesi has dominated. The 22nd blend has good balance of the two coffees. Damn! Just typing about it is making me want more.

  2. Joel's Dad says:

    Hey Joel.
    Just stumbled across this as I saw Evan and Ali stole a picture for their blog. This is awesome.
    I am out of coffee Thursday morning.
    Love from Me.