Blueberry Button Espresso now being served at Little Red Bike Cafe

Multiple text messages, on my phone, as I pedal away from Hash Restaurant. “Espresso from the 27th is like pressing the blueberry button,” Ray of LRBC texts. I forward this note to Natasha and Jeff of the Half and Half Cafe, who I know are also making espresso of the 27th. Ray also approves of the Guatemala Las Nubes roasted the 28th, “light-bodied but has a nice tangerine sweetness.” Then, “super juicy,” blinks on my phone.

Espresso roasted on the 27th will be served Saturday at LRBC and Half & Half Cafe, until it is gone. Then we move on to todays 7:33am batch. Our espresso is still a 50/50 mix of semi-washed Ethiopia Sidamo and Sulawesi Toraja grade 1. We have maybe a few weeks of this mix at best. Tomorrow morning I am going to go check the calibration, of both the H&H and LRBC, on their Synesso Cyncra espresso machines, and have some espresso!! Little Red Bike Cafe should be extracting their espresso a little hotter than H&H, but i would like to check their brew pressure as well. 200.5F Ray? Our new coffee, Guatemala Esquipulas de Chiquimula finca las Nubes, is also now available at both cafes.

3 Responses to “Blueberry Button Espresso now being served at Little Red Bike Cafe”

  1. Ray says:

    I had it at 201F, today. A reasonable dose with one stout “thwack’ to settle the coffee before finishing up the dose. Should be around 20 g after tamping in the Synesso triple 19 g baskets. First drops around 8 sec and finishing at right around 1-1.25 oz at 24 sec. Pretty specific, I guess…you know how I roll. David, one of our regular customers, was commenting about the aroma DURING the extraction. Thanks for the great coffee guys!

  2. Bryan says:

    H & H is at 199.5, dosing with three light “thwomps”. Probably about a 18g dose. First drip around 7 sec and finishing with a dark, syrupy 1oz at 23 sec. At least that was what was happening on Friday. Get in there to taste the blueberry button!