Coffee this three day weekend, AND perhaps a late opening Monday.

There are two coffees roasted today. Alejandra farm, Huila, Colombia. and Twi’ha farm, Chalum lot, Huehuetenango Guatemala. There is also a Gayo Mandiri mill, Sumatra from the 20th, which is fantastic- the roast really highlights the pungent plum aromatics. But both of this mornings roasts are really solid- lighter- medium bodied. We did go through a period of more developed roasts last week, as we learn with the new clean roasting jets.

This Saturday- like all summer Saturdays- the shaved ice went really well. We are starting to store the crystal clear ice blocks at the roastery, and, we hoped everyone enjoyed it. Fresh Rhubarb and Strawberry from Groundworks Organic in Junction City, Oregon (just near Eugene).

Because of the holiday we will most likely open a little later Monday morning, and use that time to prep Muffins, Cookie dough, granola bars for the week. but dont worry, we will probably let you in anyway, if you want, but expect a little more relaxed morning if you pop in.

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