cold brew coffee: Guatemala Esquipulas de Chiquimula finca las Nubes

IMGP3344 by you.

2 pounds coffee to 10 liters cold tap water. Mixed at 7pm, steeping at 39F, hopefully straining with 23 karat gold filter 10am. I kind of made this with intent to bring it down to Perierra Creperie this afternoon, served cold, not with ice, but anything could happen. I am not even sure it will turn out. The kids at the Creperie just looked so hot.

Little Red Bike Cafe also cold brewing Finca Las Nubes this weekend!!!

3 Responses to “cold brew coffee: Guatemala Esquipulas de Chiquimula finca las Nubes”

  1. Evan & Ali says:

    we made our cold brew in a large toddy brewer, steeping at 70F (warm, but we can’t fit that thing in our refer, so i make sure to use really cold water). we brewed 3 lbs of coffee to approx 11.33 liters of water. the yield was about 1.75 gallons of coldbrew concentrate. ours turned out great! hope yours was to your liking.

  2. Tim Roth says:

    Those kids at the creperie are hot. I mean, really super hot.

  3. keegan says:

    hey, call me lets meet up 2morrow