portland best last minute gift coffee

Courier offers-

gift consulting.
free water.
fashion advice.
a bathroom that is soundproof enough to cry in.

and we have gift cards, and loads of coffee we roasted this morning.

for the person who doesnt need another disposable item- things like coffee can make the perfect last minute gift.

We used to buy all of our holiday gifts from Reading Frenzy, VeloShop, and Jackpot (our neighbors), not that things have changed we still support our friends- … not that you can really give someone a pizza for christmas… or…. can you.

Courier is a little mixed up in this holiday hustle- we would love you to buy coffee for your friends, but we would also like to be a place to re- energize, spiritually gather yourself, and perhaps enjoy.

in a few days ill let you all know a little more. for now we may, may close earlier on christmas eve. and i would like to talk about politics a little, but-

we know this is a crazy time of year- we welcome you to come, and use courier as a place to catch your breath.

all the best joel courier coffee

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