the car is back!

they fixed the ignition- now any key will work! or a stick.

They also stole the car battery.

the worst thing- smoking a few cigarettes in the car before ditching it behind a Shari’s restaurant in Clackamas. The car reeks of tobacco now- i have to sanitize it and check for needles is the next step. there was blood on the stick shift from the smell on my hands.

They left all the money in the trunk, stole my nirvana and NIN cds, but left the james blake and mariah carey- odd.

something i did find out- coffee refills are without end at Sharis restaurant. kids were super nice. the police officer was super nice. Clackamas is a pretty great place. I drank the “barista blend” at Sharis. it was comforting. last time i was at Sharis in 1997 the chef threatened me with a butcher knife and told us to leave. the service yesterday was hands down better. while i say that- and its true- the service was awesome.

still checking for needles inthe car before the kid goes inside it. perhaps i will have to hire my security guard friend whose name starts with an R to guard it.

thank you friends- including the police, my sister, and the staff at Sharis.
and to the person who stole our car- dude- there are childseats in the back- no smoking in the car.

xo courier coffee

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