As always trying to improve.

answers to your questions-

Q:How is your day?
A: great?

Q: How is the business?
A: great

The main dilemma (perhaps a catch 22, and yes i have read the book five times to understand our business). The part that i think about the most has two sides. You could name it supply and demand, but those words are so cold. you could call it customer and business, or client and your business. Most of these lack a human element on each side.

The thing that bothers me is this- workers want to get paid more, and spend less. But, it is not about an equal trade. Thinking in terms of the coffee shop- we need a certain amount of money each day to be able to pay the staff fairly. in the real world if there is not enough money to be made you fire people, close the shop, increase price, all have a negative impact.

Currently we are looking at an increasing wage each year, but as the wage is increasing our sales have slowed- why?. Probably in part to rising housing costs, and declining business. The last two years have been the worst on record for sales. I believe the rich are getting richer, and the poor poorer. I as the owner of courier coffee am on government health care (dont worry i never go to the doctor or get my teeth cleaned:). Probably we can blame this on savvy house flippers, or millennial’s who buy a house they cant afford and rent it to cover their own costs- ie praying on the weak. The way to make money is to spread your base, wholesale, expand, sell-out. But, courier coffee is still, as it has been for 14 years local, and even that with worries about climate and carbon, we deliver by bike.

We could charge 10 a cup for coffee, but think of that world. i can think of people who use caged chickens only, sugar filtered through dead cow bones, have new employees every month, and who source all non local ingredients (yes we sell coffee, catch 22). I can think of people who microwave their food, and for coffee shops keep it frozen and reheat. I can think of one special roaster in portland who gets their pastries made a few days in advance, while we bake fresh each day- courier coffee is on some weird level.

there must be some level of pride in our staff.

Courier is doing well, but we are always thinking trying to balance. We would love to make more money, and pay the staff more, without expanding too much. Extracto coffee is one of our soulmates in this- although they are doing way better. I feel we both share similar values.

At the end of the day- i just encourage you to tip your server in a way you feel is right.
Tips are always appreciated, but ( and i think someone will be upset)- i think your thanks is enough.

anyway- thats my economic forecast for 2020


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