fetco 2031e water inlet valve failures part # 57006

In the past 6 months ive experienced the blue valve housing on the older 2031′s splitting, or developing minor cracks in the plastic. I have had three failures. Also a failure on a HWB-5 (5 gallon fetco hot water brewer).

There is no notice of this issue on the internet, but Fetco clearly knows about the issue, and told me it happens often. I believe the part is made by Deltrol, although i have other parts from them that are the best.

Did the manufacturing process get better? We have restored a few machines lately that have been sleeping in our heated basement….

The older Fetco brewers were better, the ones made today are all plastic inside, cheaper parts, made in China. Design at Fetco, like the rest of coffee seems not moving.

Older Fetco’s designs were awesome. Bunn did a great job, and actually even better with its hot water towers and temperature stability. Fetco did a great job protecting their electronics, getting higher draw downs. And Fetco does a lot better with energy efficiency.

Insulating boilers? Fetco is the only ones.

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