coronavirus response courier coffee

there have been two emails gone out to courier coffee staff, multiple talks, and i think we, all of us, are going about things with extreme caution.

We want to let our customers know we use Oasis 146 multi-quat sanitizer from Ecolab- known to kill hiv and other blood born pathogens unlike bleach, for both our dishes and wiping down tables in strengths of 500ppm. We have a three month supply of this on hand. The dish soap we use to wash our hands with is even more effective than Purell hand sanitizer. FYI- hand sanitizer will not work if you have oils or organic matter blocking the sanitizer, soap bonds with the organic matter that is also bonded to the germs and when combined with hot water and proper washing technique will be the most effective.

A concern about handling cups, money is the dirtiest thing, as is our cell phones, and touching credit cards. We are going to look on all handling of cups and money as dirty. As always we never touch rims of cups.

Today i will be installing copper door pulls on both the front door and the bathroom- The Corona virus can live on stainless steel for up to 72 hours, but normally we think of a virus not living past 24 hours. Copper will kill it 99.9 percent definitely within 2 hours, and probably less if the copper is shined and not oxidized.

plans for the day- leaving quatra-ammonium at every table, copper door handles, customer garbage can, and signage to let people know.

we will definitely accept travel mugs and your own personal cup. if at anytime you as a customer feel that something is not right or unsafe tell the person working or contact myself the owner immediately at 503-545-6444. joel. the best thing is to have the drink remade on the spot, or ask that someone wash their hands.

Since we only have 4 people who work at courier downtown if anyone feels the least bit sick we will have to cut that person for the time and change schedule.

Well we hope that you would let us know, and give us the chance to be better.

but if you plan to self quarantine- remember to buy a few pounds of coffee first. Buy as much toilet paper as your car can handle, but fill the rest of the car with fresh roasted coffee.

I am taking this serious, but with a grain of salt. we will start a weekly meeting with the staff from here on out. Many of you do not really know me, and i cannot ask you to trust, but i ask you to believe that i am a close second to being a “preper” or someone who plans for the end of the world. in all seriousness i have extra ways to get water and fuel to make coffee. we have candles at the roastery, hand grinders everywhere, and manual coffee roaster, rope. ive watched not only snakes on a plane, but ants on a plane, and zombies on a plane, and of course ive watched volcano 1 and 2.

i can joke about this, but i do watch a ton of dramas, and i read a lot of blogs, and with everything of panic there is a shred of useful information.

i will start shipping wholebean coffee. to anywhere in the USA. we still have to figure it out but if you are interested email

please take care- and lets all chip in to help each other.
best joel- owner courier coffee

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